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   May 22                                   Symptoms of a spiritual awakening

    "The steps lead to an awakening of a spiritual nature.  This awakening
                    is evidenced by changes in our lives."

                                                            Basic Text, p. 49


   We know how to recognize the disease of addiction.   Its symptoms are
   indisputable.    Besides an uncontrollable appetite for drugs, those
   suffering exhibit self-centered, self-seeking  behavior.    When  our
   addiction was at its peak of activity, we were obviously in a great deal
   of pain.  We relentlessly judged ourselves and others, and spent most of
   our time worrying or trying to control outcomes.

   Just as the disease of addiction is evidenced by definite symptoms, so is
   a spiritual awakening made manifest by certain obvious signs in a
   recovering addict.    We may observe a tendency to think and  act
   spontaneously, a loss of interest in judging or interpreting the actions
   of anyone else, an unmistakable ability to enjoy each moment, and frequent
   attacks of smiling.

   If we see someone exhibiting symptoms of a spiritual awakening, we should
   be aware that such awakenings are contagious.  Our best course of action
   is to get close to these people.    As we begin having frequent,
   overwhelming episodes of gratitude, an increased receptiveness to the love
   extended by our fellow members, and an uncontrollable urge to return this
   love, we'll realize that we, too, have had a spiritual awakening.


   Just for today:  My strongest desire is to have a spiritual awakening.   I
   will watch for its symptoms and rejoice when I discover them.