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   August 10                                    Regular prayer and meditation

        "Most of us pray when we are hurting. We learn that if we pray
         regularly, we won't be hurting as often or as intensely."

                                                            Basic Text, p. 44


   Regular prayer and meditation are two more key elements in our new pattern
   of living.  Our active addiction was more than just a bad habit waiting to
   be broken by force of will.    Our addiction was a negative, draining
   dependence that stole all our positive energy.  That dependence was so
   total, it prevented us from developing any kind of reliance on a Higher

   From the very beginning of our recovery, our Higher Power has been the
   force that's brought us freedom.    First, it relieved us of our
   compulsion to keep taking drugs, even when we knew they were killing us.
   Then, it gave us freedom from the more deeply ingrained aspects of our
   disease.  Our Higher Power gave us the direction, the strength, and the
   courage to inventory ourselves; to admit out loud to another person what
   our lives had been like, perhaps for the first time;  to begin seeking
   release from the chronic defects of character underlying our troubles;
   and, at last, to make amends for the wrongs we'd done.

   That first contact with a Higher Power, and that first freedom, has grown
   into a life full of freedom.  We maintain that freedom by maintaining and
   improving our conscious contact with our Higher Power through regular
   prayer and meditation.


   Just for today:  I  will make a commitment to include regular prayer and
   meditation in my new pattern of living.