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   April 17                                                Priority: meetings

   "I initially felt that it would be impossible to attend more than one or
    two meetings a week. It just wouldn't fit in with my busy schedule. I
   later learned that my priorities were [180] degrees reversed.  It was the
      everything else that would have to fit into my meeting schedule."


   Some of us attended meetings infrequently when we first came to Narcotics
   Anonymous, then wondered why we couldn't stay clean.   What we soon
   learned was that if we wanted to stay clean, we had to make meeting
   attendance our priority.

   So we began again.    Following our sponsor's suggestion, we made a
   commitment to attend ninety meetings in ninety days.    We identified
   ourselves as newcomers for our first thirty days so that others could get
   to know us.  At our sponsor's direction, we stopped talking long enough
   to learn to listen.   We soon began to look forward to meetings.  And we
   began to stay clean.

   Today, we attend meetings for a variety of reasons.   Sometimes we go to
   meetings to share our experience, strength, and hope with newer members.
   Sometimes we go to see our friends.   And sometimes we go just because we
   need a hug.  Occasionally we leave a meeting and realize that we haven't
   really heard a word that's been said-but we still feel better.   The
   atmosphere of love and joy that fills our meetings has kept us clean
   another day.    No matter how hectic our schedule, we make meeting
   attendance our priority.


   Just for today:  In my heart, I know that meetings benefit me in all kinds
   of ways.  Today, I want what's good for me.  I will attend a meeting.