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   May 27                                       Meeting the day's challenge

      "...the decision to ask for God's help is our greatest source of
                            strength and courage."

                                                            Basic Text, p. 26


   A challenge is anything that dares us to succeed.   Things new and
   unfamiliar serve as challenges, whether those things appear good or bad to
   us.  We are challenged by obstacles and opposition from within ourselves
   and from without.  New and difficult things, obstacles and opposition, all
   are a part of "life on life's terms." Living clean means learning
   to meet challenges.

   Many of us, consciously or unconsciously, took drugs to avoid meeting
   challenges.  Many of us were equally afraid of failure and success.   Each
   time we declined the  day's challenge, we  suffered a loss  of
   self-esteem.  Some of us used drugs to mask the shame we felt.  Each time
   we did that, we became even less able to meet our challenges and more
   likely to use.

   By working the NA program, we've found the tools we need to successfully
   meet any challenge.   We've come to believe in a Power greater than
   ourselves, a Power that cares for our will and our lives.  We've asked
   that Power to remove our character defects, those things that made our
   lives unmanageable.  We've taken action to improve our conscious contact
   with that Higher Power.  Through the steps, we've been given the ability
   to stop using drugs and start living.

   Each day, we are faced with new challenges.  And each day, through working
   our program of recovery, we are given the grace to meet those challenges.


   Just for today:   I  will ask my Higher Power to help me squarely meet
   today's challenge.