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   September 19                                                    Fellowship

    "In NA, our joys are multiplied by sharing good days; our sorrows are
   lessened by sharing the bad.  For the first time in our lives, we don't
                     have to experience anything alone."

                                                  IP No. 16, For the Newcomer


   When we practice using the steps and the other tools of our program to
   work through our hardships, we become able to take pleasure in the joys of
   living clean.  But our joys pass all too quickly if we don't share them
   with others, while hardships borne alone may be long in passing.  In the
   Fellowship of Narcotics Anonymous, we often multiply our joys and divide
   our burdens by sharing them with one another.

   We addicts experience pleasures in recovery that, sometimes, only another
   addict can appreciate.  Fellow members understand when we tell them of the
   pride we take today in fulfilling commitments, the warmth we feel in
   mending damaged relationships, the relief we experience in not having to
   use drugs to make it through the day.  When we share these experiences
   with recovering addicts and they respond with similar stories, our joy is
   multiplied.  The same principle applies to the challenges we encounter as
   recovering addicts.   By sharing our challenges and allowing other NA
   members to share their strength with us, our load is lightened.

   The fellowship we have in Narcotics Anonymous is precious.    Sharing
   together, we enhance the joys and diminish the burdens of life in


   Just for today:  I will share my joys and my burdens with other recovering
   addicts.  I will also share in theirs.  I am grateful for the strong bonds
   of fellowship in Narcotics Anonymous.