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   September 23                                           Dealing with gossip

     "In accordance with the principles of recovery, we try not to judge,
                  stereotype, or moralize with each other."

                                                            Basic Text, p. 11


   Let's face it:   In Narcotics Anonymous, we live in a glass house of
   sorts.  Our fellow members know more about our personal lives than anyone
   has ever known before.   They know who we spend our time with, where we
   work, what step we're on, how many children we have, and so forth.   And
   what our fellow members don't know, they will probably imagine.

   We may be unhappy when others gossip about us.   But if we withdraw from
   the fellowship and isolate ourselves to avoid gossip, we also rob
   ourselves of the love, friendship, and unparalleled experience with
   recovery that our fellow members have to offer.  A better way to deal with
   gossip is to simply accept the way things are and the way we are, and live
   our lives according to principles.   The more secure we become with our
   personal program, the decisions we make, and the guidance we receive from
   a loving God, the less the opinions of others will concern us.


   Just for today:  I am committed to being involved in the NA Fellowship.
   The opinions of others will not affect my commitment to recovery.